We believe that with knowledge people can create something amazing. We have provided some basics to help get you going in the right direction. With a little research and patience you can have amazing results.


this is a tried and true method for germinating standard, healthy seeds. Older seeds may need a little more care and technique. We recommend placing seeds in a lukewarm, damp paper towel place paper towel in a sealed ziplock baggie filled with air. Place baggie somewhere warm like on top of the hot water heater and check daily. most seeds will germinate within 24 to 48 hours but some may take longer.


The best and most efficient lighting is obviously the sun, but for a lot of people that is not an option. For those people we recommend HID lights, in particular CMH (Ceramic Metal Halide). Ceramic's have one of the best light spectrums on the market and use half the energy as other HID lights. The lamps also produce half of the heat and have a lifespan of 2-3 times that of HPS or standard metal halide.

Feed the Soil
With a "feed the soil" philosophy we are free to let the plant uptake specifically what it is requiring, not what we think it needs. If you have the time and space you can make your own microbial teas, ferments and kashies to create a living soil. If not then you will need to find an organic line of nutrients that does the work for you. We use a mixture of our own custom blend of amendments as well as some commercially available products. When it comes to nutrient lines we recommend Nectar For The Gods. They are all natural and pre-digested so they are immediately available to the plant. We will provide a link. 

Watering is something that is pretty straightforward but seems to be one of the biggest issues needing corrected. Over watering can cause many problems ranging from slow growth to pests and root rot. Wait until the soil is almost dry before watering and make sure the plant is not sitting in standing water. 


we recommend a highly amended organic soil rich in fungal and microbial life. The more biological life in the soil, the more the nutrients in the soil become available for the plant to uptake. We also recommend using a enzymatic cleanser once a week to promote a healthy root zone. There are many products available but we prefer SLF-100, we have provided a link.

Plants require nutrients for growth and reproduction Microbes and fungi break down and transport nutrients to the plant by making them readily available for uptake. Using a microbial tea every other week and mycorrhizal inoculant when transplanting will help ensure a healthy living soil.